Travel Grants

RSCDS Youth Branch is delighted to offer travel grants to its members. Twice a year we will be awarding up to £100 for young dancers to attend any Scottish dance event anywhere in the world of their choosing.

When can I apply?

We have two sets of applications each year, usually in the Winter and Summer. Current applications are NOW OPEN and the deadline is Saturday 27th July 2019. We will let you know within 2 weeks of the deadline whether your application was successful.

Who can apply?

Any youth branch member. Membership is quick and easy using the online form on our website.

Am I eligible?

If you are a young dancer wanting to attend an event but are unsure if you can afford the travel costs, this is for you! We will ask for details of the event and travel costs in the application.

Is the grant awarded in GBP only?

No, we will transfer the money into any currency using TransferWise. A receipt is usually required before the transfer is made.

Can I apply for any amount?

Yes, up to £100. The committee will allocate this amongst applicants as we feel is appropriate.

How do I apply?

Applications are now open! Click here to fill out our online form before 27th July 2019