Welcome to the RSCDS Youth branch

Why should I join the Youth Branch?


The RSCDS helps keep alive our love of Scottish Country Dancing. They produce books, CDs, train new teachers and organise events to maintain the tradition and promote it worldwide. Younger members of the society are often a minority in local branches, which can be isolating. The Youth Branch aims to bring younger members together, allowing us to shape our future society.


You will be able to meet other dancers who are passionate about Scottish Country Dancing. We will also keep you up to date with youth events, news from the world of Scottish Country Dance, and help you discover local classes, youth groups and workshops.


As a member of the Youth Branch you will receive a newsletter from the branch 4 times a year, the society magazine twice yearly and have access to both the members' area of our website and the main RSCDS website. You will also get a 10% discount in the RSCDS shop.


Already a member of the RSCDS?


Don't worry! You can become a secondary member of the Youth Branch. This means that you don't need to leave your own branch but can still get all the benefits of the Youth Branch and help support youth activities within the RSCDS.


The Youth Branch also works closely with the RSCDS Youth Services Committee, ensuring that young dancers are well-represented and heard within the society.


Who are we?

Meet the committee