Rachel Shankland - Chairman

I started dancing at school in Dumfries when I was 5 years old. Since then I have danced with University and Branch groups in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumfries. I am currently on the RSCDS Youth Services Committee where it was my role to develop the Youth Branch idea and help make the branch happen. I look forward to hearing from all our new members.


Adam Brady - Secretary

I started out as a musician for Dundee Branch classes and have been lucky enough to travel around the world providing music for various Scottish Country Dance workshops and dances. I have been a musician for RSCDS Summer School in St Andrews since 2011 and have played for the RSCDS Spring Fling multiple times. I'm also a keen dancer, when I get the chance! So excited to be involved with the Youth Branch and I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

Liz Douglas - Treasurer

My dream as a 4 year old was to be a ballet dancer however my mother had other ideas and I soon found myself in Scottish Country Dancing classes in New Zealand. Needless to say it was a life changing decision and I love being part of this global family of Scottish dancers. I’m now based in London and dance regularly throughout Europe. I’m a Chartered Accountant and so I’m looking forward to giving back to Youth Branch as their new treasurer.

Thomas Ibbotson - IT Officer

I started dancing with the Oxford University Scottish Dance Society, but I've since moved to the other place, so I now dance with Cambridge & District branch. I'm in charge of this website, so any comments or questions can be directed to me.

Faye Mather

I started dancing on the Wirral and continued when I moved to Edinburgh for university. I now dance with RSCDS Edinburgh and teach the children's class. I am excited to be involved in the Youth Branch and look forward to meeting you all dancing soon!


Amy Drysdale

Amy Drysdale

Hello! I started dancing in the Dunfermline Branch children's class, and am now a branch teacher and Dunfermline branch secretary. I've also taught other branches and groups, and at the RSCDS Summer School in St Andrews.  I'm delighted to be on the new Youth Branch committee and hope lots of young people around the world get involved!

Corentin Lefevre

I started SCD when I was a child with my parents bringing me to the Paris’ dancing events. Since then I’ve practised other forms of dances but amazing friends kept me go for a lot of pointing out and pas de basque in the Scottish world! I Besides dealing with the Eurozone, my role in the committee is to help the team with ideas to develop the Branch even further. A task which won’t be successful without the creativity and enthusiasm of all our members : don’t hesitate to share your energy and ideas!


Florence Burgy

I started dancing in Geneva, Switzerland, and taught there for a while. I have then joined Lyon Branch as well and have done the first half of my Teacher's certificate there. After a year in Aberdeen dancing with Aberdeen University Scottish Dance Society, I am back in Switzerland, sharing my dancing and teaching time between Geneva and Lausanne. As a member of Youth Services Committee, I am glad to be involved with the Youth Branch as well and look forward to meeting you all on the dancefloor!

Lynetta Taylor Hansen

I dance regularly in the Oslo Scottish Country Dance Group and have recently also joined the International Team at the Newcastle Festival. I travel as much as I can to dance workshops in Europe and the next place you can meet me is at summer school week 4. I have experience from the committee of Oslo Scottish Country Dance Group and from running my own firm that works with music. Through this I'm used to running several chamber music ensembles and I think this is experience I can use in the upcoming committee work with the Youth Branch. Looking forward to working for all our members, and hopefully also dance with you all somewhere soon!

Aymeric Fromherz

I started dancing and playing the piano in Lyon, and kept on doing it when moving to Paris, and finally to Pittsburgh. I am delighted to be part of the Youth Branch, and look forward to meeting you all in North America!

Jona Kutsche

Hey my name is Jona, I started dancing in Bonn/Lommersum with my family when I was sixteen years old. My first workshop was in the netherlands and quickly found new friends and lot of enjoyment on this and many other dance floors. 
Edinburg was my frist spring fling and I loved it so I was happy to help with the Springfling in Bonn :)